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My Name is Dale Machin.

I love Games with a passion!

I love Environment Art / Level Design and Designing and Creating Great Game Content!

Thats the short version....here's the long version....

I've had a passion for Games since I was 6 when I bought my first Games Console. Since then i've been forever hooked in getting into the games industry. I attended Staffordshire University and attained a Degree in Computer Games Design. My final year project was looking into how to implement fear and tension within a game environment. I recorded peoples reaction to the level I made where the reactions to some of the "Scary" events were priceless!

I am currently completing a Masters in Computer Games Design to further increase my knowledge in the field games creation and design. I covered many topics when I was completing the modules such as the synergy of computer games and film, Ludology, Games theory and Behavioural Analysis, Adanced Modelling, and Games creation. Games creation was a great module as it was team based and it allowed us to create an original idea for a flash game from scratch using away3D.

My dissertation for my masters which i am curently working on is directed at designing an optimal workflow for modular modelling in urban architecture. For the practical side of it I will be modelling the huge building above called the Nymphenburg Palace, located in Germany. The whole structure will be made from modular reusable parts and the main aim is to show how you can reuse parts and increase productivity in the the games industry by using these modelling techniques for such buildings.

While completing my Dissertation I am constantly applying for jobs to most areas of the games industry to complete the challenge of at least getting my foot in the door and be able to work on a AAA title. Environment Artist/ Level designer is my main aim, however, i've been applying for Game Testing and Game design jobs as well and would not turn
down any kind of game related postion.

If you want to view my CV, please click HERE otherwise thank you for your interest.

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